Q1: Is this too young for an 11-year old?
A1: No,I think an 11 year old would enjoy this and have the hand dexterity to do it independently.

Q2: What size pillow insert is needed?
A2: The overall size is 17”, so a 16”x16” pillow is perfect.

Q3: Does this come with a color code?
A3: Yes--it comes with a color map, so you can count squares and work precisely. It also has a general painted image on the mesh.

Q4: Does this come with everything you need to make it a cushion cover or rug?
A4: Yes, this kit includes everything you will need to end up with a cushion cover or rug. You do not have to do any extra sewing or anything. Just apply the yarn to an already made cushion. Much easier than making the cushion later. Awesome project.

Q5: Can I do this with absolutely no experience?
A5: Yes- These kits are extremely beginner friendly!I have created simple videos showing stitch you will use.

Q6: Is this an easy beginner project that I could work on with my very adept 7 year old?
A6: If you have ever done latch hook before it would probably be easy enough for 7 year old with some help.

Q7: What should I do while doing latch hook kits?
A7: I like to listen to the Bible, worship music or a podcast. Sometimes I listen to my toddler playing and sometimes I just enjoy some silent prayer time!

Q8: But really…can I do this?
A8: I 100% believe that anyone can do these kits. I designed them to be fun for both experts and complete beginners. I’m confident you will be able to complete this project- but if you have trouble, message me and I will be happy to help!