Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners veirousa
Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners veirousa
Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners veirousa
Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners veirousa
Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners veirousa
Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners veirousa
Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners veirousa
Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners veirousa

Beautiful Flowers Rug Latch Hook Kits for Beginners


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Take some time away from the stress of work and everyday life with a craft that is therapeutic and relaxing!

Each 3D stereo latch hook kit is a fun activity-just loop, hook and pull, it will be a great family project to create and develop your crafting skills!

Great crafts give you an opportunity to do handwork together with your children. Creating colorful works of art is entertaining and fun.

This is a totally upgraded latch hook kit based on the traditional cross-stitch kit, suitable for both kids and adults.

You will enjoy a sense of happiness and accomplishment for your mini-masterpiece.  Whether you are a beginner or a senior enthusiast, this unique pre-print pattern is a great helper.

◼ Enjoy Craftsmanship - Take some time away from the stress of work and everyday life with a craft that is therapeutic and relaxing. Each 3D stereo latch hook kit is a fun activity-just loop, hook and pull, it will be a great family project to create and develop your crafting skills!

◼ Qualified - Highly detailed designs and high-quality yarn makes it easy to crochet. We use high-quality Acrylic fiber yarns to ensure you enjoy a pleasant DIY experience. There are raised points on the back of the canvas to prevent slippage.

◼ Super Easy Crafting - Simple illustrations are attached to our packaging. You can follow these steps to complete your wonderful masterpiece. The craft requires no particular skill or technique so everyone who ages 7 and upwards can have a go!

◼ Endless Possibilities - This DIY project has multiple purposes and can be used to decorate many household items. Place it on the floor, wall or sofa, or use it to make pillows, cushions and mats.

◼ Craft Gift - Do it by yourself gift can mostly express your sincere blessing, and it is not as usual as other gifts, it is fully prepared and unique. It can be a children's gift, Christmas gift, parents' gift, friends' gift, and couple's gift for most holidays or festivals.

◼ Start Something New! - You'd love to try a new craft, but you just don't know where to begin, right? We understand! The great thing about a kit is that it's all there, with mesh canvas, drawing accessories, color cards, embroidery and crochet, you can start right away!


Material: 100% acrylic wool + polyester base fabric

Rug Product Size:

M: 50x38cm/20x15in

L: 60x42cm/23.6X16.5in

XL: 75x55cm/27.5x21.7 inch

Package Includes:

-Sufficient amount of embroidery
1*color card
1*Mesh cloth
1*crochet needle
Acrylic pre-cut colorful yarn

How To Use?

Step 1 - Put the crochet hook beneath the gridline, and put the latch hook thread into the hook;
Step 2 - Pull the thread and hook off the gridline;
Step 3 - Push the hook into the coil;
Step 4 - Put the loose thread into the slot;
Step 5 - Then pull the hook out;
Step 6 - Finished effect.

Intimate Tips:

-Knitting kits for children, beginners and artisans. ( It contains a needle, so adult supervision is required.)
-Empty embroidered fabric with 10 × 10 red grid lines for easy calculation of corresponding colors
-This product is a semi-finished product; you must make it yourself.
-Cleaning Method: machine washing is not recommended
-Dimensions are determined manually, so may vary slightly.
-Due to lighting conditions, monitor brightness/contrast settings, etc. The actual product color may differ slightly from the picture, please understand!

Product Videos

Q1: Is this too young for an 11-year old?
A1: No,I think an 11 year old would enjoy this and have the hand dexterity to do it independently.

Q2: What size pillow insert is needed?
A2: The overall size is 17”, so a 16”x16” pillow is perfect.

Q3: Does this come with a color code?
A3: Yes--it comes with a color map, so you can count squares and work precisely. It also has a general painted image on the mesh.

Q4: Does this come with everything you need to make it a cushion cover or rug?
A4: Yes, this kit includes everything you will need to end up with a cushion cover or rug. You do not have to do any extra sewing or anything. Just apply the yarn to an already made cushion. Much easier than making the cushion later. Awesome project.

Q5: Can I do this with absolutely no experience?
A5: Yes- These kits are extremely beginner friendly!I have created simple videos showing stitch you will use.

Q6: Is this an easy beginner project that I could work on with my very adept 7 year old?
A6: If you have ever done latch hook before it would probably be easy enough for 7 year old with some help.

Q7: What should I do while doing latch hook kits?
A7: I like to listen to the Bible, worship music or a podcast. Sometimes I listen to my toddler playing and sometimes I just enjoy some silent prayer time!

Q8: But really…can I do this?
A8: I 100% believe that anyone can do these kits. I designed them to be fun for both experts and complete beginners. I’m confident you will be able to complete this project- but if you have trouble, message me and I will be happy to help!

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Customer Reviews

Tara Fuller
Aug 1, 2023

I had fun doing this project. It was very easy. I had more than enough yarn. I even have some left over. This turned out really nice. I would definitely purchase more item from this company.

Jun 22,2023

I LOVE that the pillow backing/zipper was included! The design was challenging, and maybe not the best for someone new to the craft.The guide was easy to follow if you stay organized. I even bought a second and reversed the pattern for a set!Make sure to count your squares because the two I bought had a different number, which I adjusted for.I didn't like the hook provided, but at least it does come with one, as well as more than enough yarn.

Dean Jenny
Sep 16,2023

This was such a fun kit to work on! My favorite part about this is that the finished product is actually functional. Having these be a pillowcase is brilliant!I’ve never actually tried latch hooking before, but I found this to be an excellent kit for beginners. The instructions at first were admittedly not very clear to me. I ended up having to watch some YouTube videos and have a friend who latchhooks show me how the process works. I struggled at first even with I. Person instructions though, so this is a craft that you just have to get a feel for!Once I figured out how to use the tool, I found everything else very easy to follow! The kit came with the yarn all pre labeled so finding the color you needed was easy. The design was printed right on the canvas, but there were certain areas where the color bled a bit into other areas, so having the paper to follow was much appreciated! The kit also includes a ton of extra yarn, so if you mess up a spot and have to pull your thread out, it’s no worries!I’m so happy with the finished product! The pumpkin design is really cute and the colors all are vivid and fun. I’m excited to put this out closer to the holiday!

Sep 23, 2023

I got the idea to make these latch hook pillows for everyone in my family for Christmas. Some of them have patterns that are inaccurate and need adjusting as you go along, or there is a pack of yarn that wasn’t cut properly and needs to be manually cut, which is very time-consuming. But this one was perfect and i managed to finish in only a week’s time! Definitely recommended!

July 9, 2023

Great product. Plenty of yarn and perfect pattern. I have and I will buy more of these from the manufacturer. Very easy.

Barbara Austin
Apr 30,2023

What I love most about the Pillowcase Latch Hook kit is that it allowed me to create something beautiful and functional with my own two hands. It's so satisfying to see the finished product and know that I created it myself. The pillowcase looks fantastic on my couch and has become a real conversation starter among my friends and family.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Pillowcase Latch Hook kit to anyone who loves crafting and wants to create something beautiful and unique. The kit is easy to use, the materials are high quality, and the finished product is truly one of a kind. Thank you for this amazing product!

Michel Brunet
Sep 10, 2023

This is a fantastic latch-hook kit! I was really impressed with the packaging, as all the yarn is divided by color. Everything comes in a handy transparent carrying bag, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.And it comes with everything you need — including the latch hook.Each color is numbered, and there’s a code on the insert that identifies each color. There’s a surplus of each color, so there’s no fear of running out.The insert also details where each individual stitch goes, which is incredibly helpful, as it’s not always clear what color goes into which spot from the imprint on the canvas. There’s no guessing which color goes where!The canvas itself is very high quality. And the yarn is so very soft. There’s a good zipper on the back that makes it easy to open the backing to insert a 16”x16” pillow.The final product looks exactly like the photo. It’s ridiculously cute, and it’s hours of relaxing fun to make.

Kailee Carlson
May 16, 2023

These are a bit more challenging then I had expected. Not the same as your fleet farm latch hooks. I purchased these for my 9 yr old, but codes are understandable for an adult.

Jul 25, 2023

Exactly the gift I wanted!!!

Spencer Smith
Aug 27, 2023

This product arrived promptly, and is exactly as shown on the website. The instructions are clear. I'm really enjoying working with it.

Christmas Freak
Sep 17, 2023

I purchased this to have a craft to do while my mom was in surgery and recovering. This was a relaxing thing to do. As a first timer since I was young to complete a latch hook kit, I must say it was fine for a beginner. It's truly a cute pillow and the backing is super soft. The size makes a very nice throw pillow. All in all I would totally recommend it.

shari miller
Oct 1, 2023

I like the kit is complete. It has a pre-printed diagram.Very easy pattern to follow. Can’t wait to make more!!

B. Hughe
Jun 19,2023

Nice color ad texture.


I like this product because it comes ready to use and easy with its printed design. Nice fabric protection on the back.

Paula Ship
Sep 29, 2023

This is our first time trying a latch hook project. I did look up an easier way to do the knot hit otherwise it's been easy and my granddaughter loves it.

June 26, 2023

I really liked this! I have been into latch hook for a while but it's been a few months since I did one. this was really easy to pick up and get back into. it comes with everything you need, and the yarn is pretty decent quality! My only problem was that the printed pattern didn't always match the pattern on the paper; but that honestly wasn't that big of a deal in the end. Also they give you a lot of extra yarn, so don't be worried about messing up or losing a roll.

Robyn Mair
Aug 13,2023

The Pillowcase Latch Hook kit from Veirousa is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. The kit comes with everything you need to create a beautiful and unique pillowcase, and I found the latch hook technique to be both satisfying and therapeutic.

Mar 29,2023

This took me 4 days to complete because I spent Atleast 2 hours a day working on it. It’s such a great way to relax and is an extremely satisfying process. Love the end result :)

Dylan Kayla
Apr 8,2023

I’m so happy to find this kit! It comes with tool, yarn/wool, and printed canvas that is very easy to read. Great price for kit too. Yarn is very delicate and soft, not cheap like other latch hook kits I’ve used. Canvas is made on soft material on bottom so can change to rug if you wanted. (I’m going to hang mine in wall). Size is about the size of product image (small bathroom mat). Comes with instructions too. Very good buy! Will get more in the future. ♥️👍

Melanie Muecke
Mar 29, 2023

The item I received arrived quickly and is excellent quality. I highly recommend this seller. A Photo of finished product included.

Apr 3, 2023

The person I made pillow for loves it! Easy to do and came out beautiful.

Jan 9, 2023

Absolutely love my latch hook kit. It was fun!!Super cute fox!!

August 29, 2023

I used to latch hook all the time as a kid. I decided it would be fun to try again, and I am not disappointed! This is a great kit with everything included for a beginner. The instructions are clear and everything you need is included. This is a nice size project for a beginner because it isn’t too large and the edges are already finished. There’s no need to worry about having it latch hooked and then having it sit for months or years without finishing the edges and being able to use it. It also comes with a nice backing that makes for a nice nonskid rug.

Sharon Cooper
Oct 3, 2023

Fun to do. The pattern was on the pillow. I even changed it up a little, by using black on the E instead of white. I love it.